The Yeshiva of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel

The Yeshiva of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel

The Yeshuos in Amuka Foundation continues in the way of the holy tanna, Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel. The organization strives to give nachas ruach to the Tzaddik and provide yeshuos for Klal Yisroel in his zechus. To that end they established the Kollel of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel with prodigious efforts and mesirus nefesh.

The zechus of learning at the site of kivrei tzaddikim is mentioned several times in Chazal. In Bava Kamma 16b it says that a yeshiva was established at the gravesite of the righteous Tzaddik Chizkiyahu Hamelech. The kollel established in memory of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel and named after him, follows in this tradition. The kollel members learn leilui nishmoso which surely gives great nachas ruach to the Tanna in Shomayim. They also organize a special tikun at his kever every week.

We know that there is no greater zechus that can be bought in this world than supporting Torah. The mishna in Payah says that the mitzva of learning Torah is equal to all the other mitzvos combined, and the possuk says of the holy Torah, “It is a tree of life to those who embrace it and fortunate are its supporters!”

It is very easy to tap into the power of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel’s Torah and to attain a yeshua in his zechus. When you have a part in the koach of the Torah and the Tefila of the kollel members, rest assured that these mighty zechusim will help deliver the yeshua that you need. Many times someone who is looking for a shidduch feels that something in shomayim is being blocked, his tefilos are not being heard, and he is lacking some zechus or advocate in heaven. The wise response is to enlist the power of the Torah of the talmidim of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel to finally open the Shaarei Rachamim and find a shidduch.

The Timetable of the Yeshiva

The members of the kollel are carefully selected mekubalim and talmidei chachomim who devote their hearts and souls to learning Torah. Most other kollelim start the day at eight- or nine-o’clock, the kollel members of our yeshiva start learning at four-o’clock in the morning!

The day starts with a dip in a mikva and then the learning starts with kedusha and tahara. Besides the normal kollel subjects, the kollel members learn mishnayos and daven for the supporters of the kollel who are full partners in the tremendous zechus of the Torah learning in the yeshiva. The mishnayos are learned be’iyun and from time to time the kollel makes a siyum on all six sedorim of the Mishna. Every day the kollel members learn from the Zohar Hakadosh and works of kabbala which are known to bring down to earth a great abundance of berocha and hatzlacha.

If you come to Amuka, visit the yeshiva and take a look inside. Look inside the holy of holies burning with a fire of ruchnius and kedusha. Listen to the tears and cries of the tefilos and tikunim. See the tzaddikim of the kollel poring over their seforim, and you will not need any other explanations. You will understand by yourself the reason why the kollel’s supporters have such phenomenal hatzlacha – because there is no zechus in the world greater than being a partner the learning of Torah, especially Torah learned leilui nishmas Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel. Rabbi Yonason died unmarried. He had no children and raised no family. The kollel is is nachas ruach. Surely, he will be meilitz yosher for all who support the Yeshiva that bears his name!

If you want to be a partner in the kollel, call the Yeshua Hotline at the kever of the tzaddik in Amuka now.


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