The Shidduch Shofar

This is the way to get rid of kitrugim

Every once in a while, we hear the unusual tale of a bachelor or young lady who has everything going for him or her, but…. “But, what?” we ask them, but they don’t know what to say. People are interested in them, they get lots of offers, and they are seen as being an attractive potential husband or wife, but there is always something that ruins the shidduch at the last moment, just before the plate is broken. It is as if some invisible force is intentionally ruining their prospects!

And there are the singles for whom nothing moves at all. Geit nisht. They reminisce about the last time they went out on a shidduch. The spring is bone dry; no one has offered them a shidduch in months, or even years. They’d rather stay closed up at home than to show their face outdoors. They’ve all but given up hope.

What’s the reason? It’s not always possible to know. “Forty years before conception, a bas kol goes forth and says: the daughter of ploni shall marry so-and-so.” Sometimes, the time is not yet ripe for you to meet your zivvug. Or, you have to wait for your beshert to finally be ready for shidduchim. But many times there really is a force that is sabotaging your shidduchim. These are the kitrugim and the dinim kashim – the prosecuting angels and the harsh decrees of Heaven that hover over a person because of some past aveirah. What can be done in a situation such as this? How can we nullify the evil decree?

The Answer – Sounding the Shofar

Anyone well-versed in Kabbalah knows that the only way to dissolve an evil decree is by arousing Hashem’s mercy. One way of doing this by blowing the Shofar. Did you ever notice that at practically every tikkun they blow the shofar? Tekias Shofar has the power to obliterate the very harshest of evil judgments against a person. In the Gemara, Chazal tell us that at the moment of tekias shofar on Rosh HaShanah, “HaKadosh Baruch Hu moves from the throne of judgment and sits on the throne of mercy!” The shofar even reminds Hashem of the zechus of akeidas Yitzchak and brings down a great flow of Heavenly mercy.

It took quite a bit of investment of time and money, but Yeshuos in Amuka organized a once-in-a-lifetime event, one that had never before been done that literally shook the earth. Yeshuos in Amuka hosted a tikkun of 1000 shofars at the kever of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel, with the participation of the mekubal and tzaddik Rabbi David Batzri, shlita. Imagine ten shofars being sounded together, trumpeting through the air and setting the heart trembling. Now, imagine one hundred … two hundred… one thousand shofars! The earth was sundered by their blast, and the davening was so intense that we felt we had sundered the gates of Heaven. Whoever witnessed this event will never forget it.


The investment was not in vain. The tikkun and the tekios did their job. The offices of Yeshuos in Amuka still have the joyous letters announcing the weddings of the singles who got married soon after the tikkun was performed…. We are Jews, maaminim bnei maaminim, and we know well that everything is dependent on Heaven. If someone wants to move things in Heaven, he needs to act according to ruchniyusdik laws, and one of these – known to us through the wisdom of kabbalah, is the sound of the shofar! Of course, it’s not enough just to blow shofar. The shofar blast alone is nothing but a loud note; but when it is combined with the right intentions and kavannos, and with a person’s sincere teshuva-repentance – there is no limit to its power to sunder the highest walls, to remove any blockage, and to bring down all the barriers!

It is still possible to tap into the zechus of that amazing tikkun of 1000 shofars. You can bring rachamei Shamayim in your direction, by calling the Yeshuos Hotline and asking for one of the shofars that was used in the tikkun to be sent to you, as a segula to remove kategorim and nullify any evil decrees. The shofars are available for those who want them for a small fee and the proceeds will be used to support the Kollel yungerleit who learn le’ilui nishmas the holy Tanna Rabbi Yonasan ben Uziel. His kever is known as the gate of prayer for singles. B’ezras Hashem, in the zechus of the shofar, and in the zechus of supporting the learning of Torah at Rabbi Yonason’s kever, may you soon dance at your own chasunah!

Yeshuos Hotline: 1700-701-709 ,  US  972-4-620-505

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