Hachnosas Orchim at the Kever of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel in Amuka

Hachnosas Orchim at the Kever of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel in Amuka

The gravesite of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel is a magnet for shidduch seekers every day of the year, but there is one day of the year when it is packed beyond its capacity – the 26th of Sivan, the yahrzeit of the holy Tanna. Huge crowds flood into the compound adjacent to the kever, into the nearby parking lot, and even into the road leading to the site. The whole area is crowded with people who are hoping to find their destined shidduch in the zechus of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel.

Other sites renowned for their segulos have many organizations that cater to visitors. In Amuka the situation was appalling, until a few years ago. The infrastructure was not designed for the yahrzeit crowds. Nobody looked after the visitors – there was nothing to drink except water from the faucet and it goes without saying that there was no seuda befitting the yahrzeit of a Tanna. This was the situation until Yeshuos in Amuka was founded.


From the day the rabbonnim of Yeshuos in Amuka began overseeing the secluded gravesite, situated in the mountains next to Tzfas, things have taken a turn for the better. Now, the gravesite of the holy Tanna receives the attention that it so richly deserves. Many weeks before the day of the yahrzeit, the rabbonnim of Yeshuos in Amuka start to prepare the place for all the visitors and to enable them to pray properly without having to worry about food and drink. A very large seuda is arranged for hundreds of participants in honor of the yahrzeit of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel.

Yeshuos in Amuka is the only organization which arranges the well-known, ancient segula of distributing chai rotel (about 54 liters) of drinks in honor of the holy Tanna. There are countless stories of the effectiveness of this segula.

My dear brothers and sisters! The gravesite of one of the greatest of the Tannaim still requires repairs and improvement. It still lacks the popularity and attention it deserves. Think how much gratitude the holy tzaddik will display to anyone who helps to make the site live and vibrant. Surely, he will be meilitz yosher on behalf of all those who support the Foundation which operates for the betterment of his name, including the Hachnosas Orchim and the Kollel. Do not miss the chance to participate in the Hachnosas Orchim of Yeshuos in Amuka at the gravesite of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel!

You, too, can participate in this great mitzva and in the zechus of the holy Tanna, and b’ezras Hashem, may you see wonderful yeshuos and nechomos very quickly!


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