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It’s so hard to be single

“Still single” – How much anguish there is in those two words!

No one can appreciate how difficult it is to be single for so long, unless they’ve been there themselves. Long, weary, desperate months of expectation, waiting for something to happen, waiting for someone. Will anybody make a suggestion? Will there be a anyone to look into? The heart races with every shidduch-date –is this the one? Then disappointment and even tears when your hopes are dashed again and again and again. The months turn into years. Your friends are now fathers and mothers proudly showing off their children while you become an older single, the one people speak about in whispers, “What is holding him back?” Life continues as normal for everyone around you and you feel as though you are left on the shelf, unwanted.


You can no longer cope with the waves of frustration and disappointment which wash over you. You can no longer look at your parents’ gloomy faces and hear your mother cry at night. You might even consider moving out and living alone but you know that to do so would be a declaration that you might never … perhaps there is no hope. You think about Uncle Zalman, seventy years old and never married, who likes to pinch everyone’s cheeks at simchas and everyone’s parents have to remind their children to treat him with a little respect. You are beginning to worry that you will end up like him one day.

The Tefilos of the Tzaddik’s Shelichim

A few years ago, a group of Yidden came together and founded the Yeshuos in Amuka organization with the intention of assisting long-term singles by davenning for them in Amuka at the grave of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel. Yeshuos in Amuka runs a yeshiva at Rabbi Yonason’s kever and in this way supports dozens of talmidei chachomim who learn Torah le’ilui nishmaso. They daven at his kever every Erev Shabbos and organize a hillulah celebration on his yahrzeit with the traditional tikkun and the well-known Chai Rotel. Yeshuos in Amuka is committed to Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel and the upkeep and development of his tziun in Amuka. They are in a special position to daven for others his kever!

Hakodosh Boruch Hu is merciful and compassionate; He does not ignore the prayers of his beloved sons and daughters when they pray in Amuka. Every year the rabbonim of Yeshuos in Amuka receive an astonishingly large number of stories of yeshuos which came about because of their tefilos. Singles of all ages, some who were already over thirty-five years’ old and even a few who had given up hope completely, call Yeshuos in Amuka alternatively laughing and crying, “I am engaged! I can’t believe it, but I am finally engaged!” Yeshuos in Amuka gets dozens and dozens of emotionally-charged telephone calls – cries of unimaginable simcha mixed with tears of relief: “It worked!” “It works!” “I’m engaged!” One phone call and one letter after another – because Klal Yisroel never surrenders to despair. Hakodosh Boruch Hu in His great mercy has given singles a tremendously powerful opportunity for yeshua – the kever of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel. The men and women who were wise enough to take advantage of the tefilos of the talmidei chachomim at his kever never stop thanking themselves for doing so!

Even If You Have Tried Everything…

If you are a long-term single or if you have a brother or sister, a friend or relative who is having a difficulty finding a shidduch – this is the answer: Let Yeshuos in Amuka organize a tefila at the kever of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel. Even if you feel you have literally tried everything, even if you have given money to every possible tzedakah and nothing has even begun to move – there is still hope. The Gates of Heaven will not remain locked for eternity; you just have to know how to open them. Davenning in Amuka has rescued hundreds and thousands of people from the loneliness of a single life and enabled them to build countless Jewish homes. Do not miss this opportunity! Yeshuos in Amuka will daven for you, and this zechus, which has succeeded in building countless Jewish homes with siyatta dishmaya, will help you build your own bayis ne’eman, too. This is your best chance for a yeshua. Call the hotline now and guarantee yourself a place on the list of names to be davened for. Call now, and with Hashem’s help, in the zechus of the holy Tanna and with the power of your zechusim and the zechusim of the avreichim of the kollel, you will call back be’ezras Hashem in a few months’ time to give us your good news!

There is Still Hope – Prayer in Amuka!

A Yid never gives up hope. He knows that all suffering has a purpose and will eventually come to an end. He raises his eyes to Heaven in prayer. He knows Hashem is busy making shidduchim all the time and He doesn’t forget those who have not yet “crossed the sea.” Hakodosh Boruch Hu is an Av Harachamim, Who cannot stand to see the suffering of his beloved children. Many generations ago the tzaddikim revealed the segula for a shidduch: davening in Amuka at the kever of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel.

Every Yid who needs a shidduch has heard of Amuka.

For generations, Jews who couldn’t find their shidduch found their salvation in Amuka. Why is this so? Why do those of us who have difficulty finding a shidduch feel that Amuka is the place to pour out our hearts and be saved?

The answer is written in the seforim hakedoshim: Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel feels our pain since he went through exactly the same thing we are going through. The Tanna Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel passed away without even having married and he went through all the tremendous difficulties that we go through.

This is why Rabbi Yonason can identify with what we have to deal with.

Whenever people try to give us encouragement by telling us, “Don’t worry, everything will work out for the best,” we ask ourselves, “How they would cope if they were in our shoes?”

However, the tzaddik Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel, who never married and faced all the difficulties and challenges that we face, still became a holy tanna who helped all of Klal Yisroel. The Gemora attests to his tremendous holiness when it tells us that if “a bird would fly over his head when he was learning, the bird would be burnt up.”

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