How to Get Married This Year

How to Get Married This Year

A Weekly Tikun for Yeshuos

No one who has ever been to Amuka can forget the long journey there: the old, long, cracked, extremely narrow and winding road with an abysmal sheer drop into the valley on one side. Many people prefer to send someone else to pray for them at the kever to avoid having to go through the ordeal themselves.

Despite all this there are still precious yidden who are not deterred by these difficulties. These tzaddikim, sent by Yeshuos in Amuka, know the road to the gravesite like the back of their hands and drive there every Friday without fail. They go there for one purpose only – to perform an incomparably holy tikkun which is capable of helping lonely singles find their shidduch.

Under the guidance of tzaddikim and mekubalim the best time has been chosen for the tikkun: on Friday after halachic noon when the radiance of Shabbos has begun to shine onto the world. This is the very best time to have prayers accepted in shomayim and achieve yeshuos.

Another reason to do the tikkun davka on erev Shabbos can certainly be appreciated by older singles : The hardest time of the week for a single person is Shabbos. The distracting hustle and bustle of the week is missing and the previously suppressed pain suddenly springs into our consciousness. The terrible loneliness begins to gnaw at our hearts and all the worries resurface: what will become of me? What will be?

By making the tikkun on erev Shabbos, precisely when you suffer from the most acute feelings of loneliness you will know that wheels are turning for you in shomayim because somebody has just davenned for you. And not just anybody, but dozens of avreichim, tzaddikim and talmidei chachomim, stood at the Gates of Heaven for you and shook the heavens with their supplications on your behalf. This is a genuine ray of light to illuminate the all-engulfing darkness of our unhappy isolation.

The rabbonim at Yeshuos in Amuka do not know the meaning of the words “giving up hope”. They are fully aware that behind the names that they daven for are real flesh-and-blood, lonely, depressed people and they are determined to rescue them from their troubles. Nothing can stop them. They drive to Amuka in the summer and in the winter, in normal times and in busy times, persistently, consistently, without a break. They never miss a day. Every Friday, every erev Rosh Hashana, every erev Yom Kippur, every propitious time, they set off for the tzaddik’s grave to beg and pray for yeshua. Every name is read clearly with kavano and tefilos are said to cut down all the mekatregim and open the locked gates of mazal.

The avreichim are handsomely rewarded for their extraordinary efforts by the stream of good tidings that flows in due to their tefilos! Every telephone call and every letter informing us that someone has become engaged is immediately delivered to these tzaddikim and their faces light up with joy. “Our efforts paid off! This works!” These good tidings give the avreichim the strength to continue to daven without abeyance until they hear the next success story.

Do you want to be one of the next fortunate people? Simply pick up a phone and call the Yeshua Hotline and with Hashem’s help, in the zechus of the holy Tanna Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel, you will call again to relay the good news that your yeshua has arrived.

The Yeshua Hotline in Amuka: 1-700-701-709  , US 972-4-620-5050

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