The Holy Tikkunim of Rav David Batzri, Shlita

Once a Year the Heavens Open

It is the 26th of Sivan. The Holy Tikkun at the gravesite of the holy Tanna Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel is about to begin.

If you have ever been there, you know what it is like: hundreds of people standing and weeping, every one of them feeling as though the Gates of Heaven are opening.

When the tikkun begins, all is quiet. Every so often the fervent entreaties of dozens of mekubalim can be heard davenning with deep kavana. Slowly, slowly things start to warm up. A stifled cry bursts out over here, and over there someone is wailing from the depths of his heart. The passion of the prayers increases steadily until, after about an hour, the place has become suffused with the awe of Hashem, a union of tzaddikim and mekubalim standing with one heart and tearfully pleading, “Our Father in Heaven who cares for his lonely children, answer us in the zechus of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel!”

The Tears of the Great Mekubal Rabbi David Batzri for Long-Term Singles Cannot Be Rejected.

The highlight of the tikkun is the moment the great mekubal Rabbi David Batzri Shlita begins the special tefila which is known to him from studying the kabbala, a tefila which penetrates the heavens and “scatters the adversaries.” The rabbi stands for hours and recites name after name, entreaty after entreaty. The pleads for each and every person on the list of singles he has been given, removing the spiritual barriers that have kept these people from finding a shidduch.

It is an act of mesiras nefesh on Rabbi Batzri’s part to travel to the tikkun. He devotes every waking moment to Torah and tefila and the journey is long and exhausting. Is it worthwhile to come? The dilemma is decided by the tears of the singles who are relying on him. Those close to the rabbi understand how much the suffering of lonely singles touches his heart. He is willing to do almost anything for them, no effort is too great. That’s why every year the great mekubal makes his special pilgrimage to Amuka.

About 1000 shofar blowers participate in the annual tikun together with Rabbi Batzri and the rabbonim of Yeshuos in Amuka. The tikun is performed according to the hidden secrets of the kabbala with the specific goal of assisting the long-term singles who have given their names to Yeshuos in Amuka. Very few people in the world can perform such a powerful tikun correctly, with all its deep kavanos.

It is worth seeing Rabbi Batzri daven for a shidduch for an older single woman, even if just once, in order to appreciate how a senior mekubal sits and prays with kabbalistic kavanos to help remove the adversaries and obstructions from her soul-root. Rabbi Batzri is able to release our mazal to enable us to find our shidduchim the way it was announced in heaven, “The daughter of so-and-so is designated for so-and-so.” Rabbi Batzri cries and davens for each name. The gates of tears are never locked for anyone, so imagine the power of the tears of a mekubal like Rabbi Batzri which shake the whole world, penetrate the heavens and rise up to the Heavenly Throne!

Following the instructions of the mekubalim, every person who needed a yeshua united with the great mekubal Rabbi David Batzri Shlita and the rabbonim of the kollel in order to pray the same prayer at the same time. The tikkun started at exactly 2 p.m. when all the long-term singles together with their parents and friends all over the country started to daven an emotion-laden tefila to find a suitable shidduch as quickly as possible.

The Facts Speak

Following the tikkun that was performed last year, we received hundreds of heartwarming telephone calls. “It worked!”, “It works!”, ”I’m getting married!” One call after the other, letter after letter. Even some of the most difficult cases, singles who had given up hope of ever finding a shidduch, were at last preparing to stand under the chuppa in the zechus of the kavanos of the great mekubal.

The good tidings started to flow into the office just days after the tikun and they continued for several months afterwards. There were so many simchas that the rabbonim of the kollel were forced to stop their practice of attending every simcha for the people they davened for. It was simply not possible to go to three weddings every week! Instead, Rabbi Shalom Levi, the Rosh Kollel, sent invitations to every couples to make a sheva brochos in the kollel, if they were interested.

Some people have told us that people who did not participate in last year’s tikkun are tearing their hair out. They know what they are talking about. They have seen family and friends joyously dancing in circles around brides and grooms who had been unable to find shidduchim for years. They have seen the hundreds of letters from long-term singles, including divorcees in their late 30s and early 40s, who were prayed for during the annual holy tikkun performed at the gravesite of the holy Tanna Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel, the father of all those who seek shidduchim.

These joyful letters and telephone calls are what give strength and encouragement to the rabbonim of Yeshuos in Amuka to continue to work on behalf of the long-term singles. They are single-minded in their striving to find a shidduch for everyone who needs one!

Exclusive: Letter from Rav Batzri to long-term singles.

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