The Talis from Amukah that Unlocks Your Mazal

Below is a short summary of questions on the Talis Yeshuos from our readers, along with answers from the rabbonim of Yeshuos in Amuka.

Question: What is unique about the Talis HaYeshuos and why does it have to be done at the kever of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel

Answer: The gravesite of the saintly Tanah, Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel, is the gateway for the tefillos of singles looking to marry. Countless broken hearts have reached their tikkun and found their shidduch after davening at the gravesite in Amukah. In addition to this, there is a well-known accepted custom, still followed today, to buy a talis in advance of the wedding for the intended chassan. In the Talis Hayeshuos from Amukah, two tremendous segulos come together: the segulah of tefillah in Amukah and the segulah of the talis. The fusion of the two segulos has the power to unlock the gates of heaven and to bring to the chuppah even singles who had despaired of ever getting married, even those who seemingly had no chance.

Question: Does it really work? Have you met people who became engaged as a result of buying this talis?

Answer: Yes! It’s unbelievable, but many of those who bought this talis from Yeshuos in Amuka became engaged even when it seemed to be against all odds. Among them were also some who had entirely given up hope, people who were sure they would die single, Hashem Yerachem. They were convinced to try the talis Hayeshua as a last-ditch effort. We also davened for these singles for an entire year in the tefillos that were arranged at the gravesite of Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel. The amazing results speak for themselves!

Question: Does the Talis Segulah work only for men that will eventually wear it, or does it work for women, too?

Answer: The segulah works for women, too, even though they are not commanded in the mitzvah of tzitzis. There is a slight difference between them, however, in what their intentions ought to be when they buy the talis. A man buys the tallis for himself, or his parents buy it on his behalf, and he saves it until the wedding. A woman buys the talis for her destined chassan, and keeps it for him. In this way, she performs the segulah for her husband, and then receives a yeshua together with him.

Question: What should we do when we get the talis?

Answer: The talis arrives with specific instructions that come attached to the mazal page. On this page you should list the name of the person searching for a shidduch along with his or her mother’s name. You can also write down a specific request concerning the shidduch. Next, place the note inside the talis

and recite the following petition:

For a man:

I bought this talis for myself in order in order to use it to enshroud myself under the chuppah with my good and true zivvug who stems from the root of my neshamah and that we should live always in love, harmony, peace and friendship, an eternal edifice in the merit of the Tanah, Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel, Amen.


For a woman:

I bought this talis for my destined chassan, my true zivvug from the root of my neshamah that he should enshroud himself with it under our chuppah soon and that we should live always in love, harmony, peace and friendship, an eternal edifice in the merit of the Tanah, Rabbi Yonason ben Uziel, Amen.

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